The Ultimate Quarter Pounder

A mouth-watering naked alternative that's gorgeously glorious!

Prep Time10 minsCook Time10 mins
Yields2 ServingsCategory, , CuisineDiet, DifficultyBeginner


 2 Brioche buns
 1 Beef steak tomato (cut into 4 slices)
 2 slices of cheddar or vegan cheese (cut to size of the burger)
 1 Gherkin (sliced)
 ½ Little gem lettuce divided into leaves
 1 Red onion sliced into rings (can be pickled in hot water and vinegar)
For the sauce
 4 tbsp Vegan mayonnaise
 1 tbsp Mustard (Dijon or wholegrain)
 3 tsp Ketchup



Heat a grill or a griddle pan on a medium heat up and char the brioche buns. Set aside.


Cook the burgers in a frying pan until browned and cooked through, around 10 minutes, turning regularly until both sides are nicely browned.


Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup together to make your burger sauce.


To assemble the burger, start with the brioche base and add burger sauce. The add the beef steak tomato, one slice of cheese, gherkins, lettuce and the second slice of cheese.


Top with the burger and pile the red onions on top, before adding your brioche lid. Best enjoyed piping hot and served with luxurious truffle fries.

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