Ham Salad Wrap

Our meat-free Ham Salad Wrap is perfect for lunchboxes or lunch on the go!

Prep Time15 mins
Yields1 ServingCategory, Diet, , DifficultyBeginner


 4 Taste & Glory Taste & Glory Ham Slices
 1 Large seeded or wholegrain soft tortilla wrap
 2 Large or 4 small lettuce leaves
 2 tbsp Heaped red cabbage slaw (see below)
 Handful of coarsely grated carrot
Red cabbage slaw (makes enough for at least 4 wraps)
 ¼ Small red cabbage (very thinly sliced)
 4 Spring onions (thinly sliced)
 3 tbsp Heaped mayonnaise or vegan alternative
 Salt and pepper to taste



Prep the slaw: mix all the ingredients thoroughly together.


Lay the wrap on a board and cover with the lettuce leaves.


Spread a thin layer of cabbage slaw over this, leaving a 2-3cm gap at one edge which will help to stop the wrap overflowing when you roll it up.


Add the slices of ham, covering as much of the wrap as possible (except the 2-3cm gap), then scatter over some grated carrot, again leaving the gap free.


Starting from the edge opposite the gap, roll up the wrap as snugly as you can.


Slice in half and place join-side down to stop the wraps unrolling.


Serve straight away with a handful of root vegetable crisps and any leftover slaw.

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