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Chicken, cucumber and harissa pitta pocket

Yields1 ServingPrep Time4 mins

The perfect meat-free lunch of dreams! Chicken, cucumber and harissa pitta pocket made with Taste & Glory Meat-free Chick’n Slices

 3 Taste & Glory Chick’n Slices
 1 tbsp Plain yoghurt or mayonnaise or vegan alternative
 1 tsp Harissa paste
 1 Pitta bread
 A few leaves of little gem, cos or other crisp lettuce
 ¼ Cucumber
 Fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped
 Salt and pepper

Start by swirling the harissa into the yoghurt or mayo. Don’t mix them together completely.


Gently open the pitta bread along one side. Line the pitta with a few torn lettuce leaves, then tuck the chicken slices among the lettuce.


Quarter the cucumber lengthways and slice it. Tuck these cucumber quarters among the lettuce and chicken.


Dot the harissa-swirled yoghurt or mayo between the ingredients then scatter over some coriander.


Finish with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and serve.

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