Beef on rye crispbread with rocket, beetroot and horseradish

Create your lunch of dreams with Taste & Glory’s No-Beef Deli Slices

Prep Time4 mins
Yields1 ServingCategory, Diet, , DifficultyBeginner


 3 Taste & Glory No-Beef Slices (halved)
 1 tbsp Horseradish sauce or creamed horseradish
 2 tbsp Plain yoghurt or crème fraiche or vegan alternative
 2 Rye crispbreads
 1 Small cooked (not pickled!) beetroot
 A few chives
 A couple of handfuls of rocket leaves
 A little olive oil, salt and pepper, to finish



Mix the horseradish with the yoghurt or crème fraiche. Use half of this to cover the two crispbreads.


Top with a loose handful of rocket, then lay the slices of beef on top.


Slice the beetroot fairly thinly, then cut each slice into batons. Arrange these over the beef.


Dot the remaining horseradish cream over the top, add a trickle of oil, a few snipped chives and some salt and pepper and it’s ready to eat.

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